Sock Snow Owl



Sock Snow Owl 

Materials Needed:
Image1 Men's sock
Image1 Wing template
Image1 White cardstock
Image1 White feathers
Image1 Poly fiberfill
Image1 Hot glue and glue gun
Image1 Rubber bands
Image1 Wiggle eyes
Image1 White pipe cleaner
Image1 Glue
Image1 Scissors

What to Do:
Image1 Trace wing template onto cardstock and cut out.
Image1 Cut out a small triangle to create the owl's beak.
Image1 Invite children to stuff their sock with the fiberfill stopping at the heel and tying off the sock with a rubberband. (Cut the rest of the sock off.)
Image1 Instruct children to glue feathers to their wing pattern.
Image1 Cut two holes in the bottom of the sock towards the middle and string a white pipe cleaner through one hole and out the other (leaving equal amounts of pipe cleaner on both sides of the owl). Bend the pipe cleaner to create the owl's feet.
Image1 Hot glue the wing creations to the sock owls. (Adult should do this step and the next one.)
Image1 Hot glue the eyes and the beak on the toe of the sock.



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