My Beautiful Angel



My Beautiful Angel

Materials needed:
Image1 White printer paper
Image1 Construction paper (blue and multicultural)
Image1 Paint (blue and yellow)
Image1 Star stickers
Image1 Glue
Image1 Brushes
Image1 Black fine tip marker

What to Do:
Image1 Cut one inch circles out of multicultural colored construction paper.
Image1 Paint a child's hands yellow then assist them with stamping their hands at an angle with their thumbs overlapping. (See example above.)
Image1 Allow the yellow paint to dry.
Image1 After paint has dried, paint child's foot blue and assist them with stamping their foot, toes pointed down, over their thumbs on the paper.
Image1 Allow the paint to dry.


Instruct children to:
Image1 Glue a constuction paper circle at the top part of their heel.
Image1 Draw a face on the circle.
Image1 Draw a halo over the head.
Image1 Mount the white paper onto blue construction paper and invite the child to apply star stickers around the outside edge of the blue paper.


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