Which Papoose?

Which Papoose?


Materials Needed:

Indian baby template
Papoose template
Light brown construction paper
Construction paper (your choice of colors)
Laminating materials


What to Do:

Print out a copy of the Indian baby and papoose templates.
Cut out the templates and trace onto cardboard for a sturdier template.
Using the cardboard baby template, trace 26 Indian Babies onto the light brown construction paper.
Using the cardboard papoose template, trace 26 papooses onto any color(s) of construction paper you choose.
Using a marker, write one capital letter (A-Z) on each of the papooses.
Using a marker, write one lowercase letter (a-z) on each of the Indian babies.
Laminate babies and papooses (making sure you glue the front of papoose to the back of papoose before laminating) and then cut out.
Make a slit in the laminated papoose at the top of the front piece to open up pocket of papoose.
Instruct the children to match the babies to their correct papooses.


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