Colorful Dreidel Game

Colorful Dreidel Game


Materials Needed:

Dreidel template
Several round cake pans (1 for every 2-4 children)
White poster board
Several Dreidels (One per cake pan)


What to Do:

Using a pencil, trace the bottom of the cake pan onto the poster board then cut it out. (Trace one for each cake pan.)
Using a marker, divide each circle into eight equal-sized wedges.
Color each wedge a different color, using the colors listed on the dreidel pattern.
Place circle into cake pan with the colored side facing up.
Print out one Dreidel template per child.
Give each group of children a set of crayons to use.
Instruct the children to take turns spinning the dreidel inside the pan and watching to see which color it drops on. After the dreidel has stopped on a color, whomever spun the dreidel is to fill in that color on the corresponding color line on their dreidel pattern with the correct color of crayon.
Continue this game until someone has filled in all the color areas of their dreidel.
The first person to fill in their dreidel should shout out "Happy Hanukkah".


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