“My House is Special because…” Chart

"My House is Special because..." Chart


Materials Needed:

Poster board (1 for every 9 children)
Construction paper (several different colors)
Roof and house template


What To Do:

Print out a copy of the house and roof template and cut out.
Trace the house and roof template onto cardboard for a longer lasting template.
Using the cardboard template, trace onto several different colors of construction paper. (You may want to use colors that the children say their houses are.)
Cut out roofs and houses and glue onto poster board.
Using marker write "My House Is Special Because..." across the top of the poster/tag board.
Write each child's name on the roof of his/her house.
Using a marker draw a door on the house.
Ask each child why their house is special and write what they tell you on their house, in the space above the door.
After all of the children's houses are filled in, read what you wrote out loud to the group.


* In addition to the activity above you may also send home the My House questionnaire and have the children fill it out with their parent's help. Ask them to return it to school in time to use with the "My House Is Special... activity.


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