Build a Dinosaur Game

Build a Dinosaur Game


Materials Needed:

Felt board
Printouts of dinosaur templates (Template1, Template2, Template3, Template4)
Felt squares
Double-sided sticky tape or glue
Markers or crayons


What To Do:

Print out the dinosaur templates. (Template1, Template2, Template3, Template4)
Using markers or crayons, color them in.
Cut along the dotted lines.
Cut strips of felt from the felt squares, so they are a little smaller than the dinosaur printout strips.
Using double-sided sticky tape or glue, attach the felt to the back of the dinosaur strips.
Have the children sit where they all have a good view of the felt board.
Hand out all of the middle and end strips to the children. Hold onto the head strips.
Place a head strip onto the felt board and ask "who has the next piece needed to build this dinosaur".
If a child thinks they have the right piece, have them come up to try. After placing their strip on the felt board, ask the children if they think it is the correct strip. If not try again. Let the child know even if the wrong piece was brought up that it was a good try.


* Another version of this activity could be to "Build a Silly Dinosaur."


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