December Holidays Around the World

December Holidays Around the World


Materials Needed:

Several items representing different holiday traditions around the world (*see some examples below)
A good "Holiday's Around the World" book
One sign per country, with that particular country's name written on it.


What to Do:

Hand out the items to the children.
Hold up one of your countries signs and announce the name of that country to the children.
Ask the children to try and guess the name of the celebration that particular country celebrates.
After the guessing is done, let the children know the correct name of the celebration for that country.
Ask the children that are holding the items for that holiday to bring them to you.
Show the children how the items are used to celebrate.
After all the traditions have been discussed, leave the items out for the children to take turns using.

* Some examples of  the celebrations are:

- Jewish/Hanukkah: A driedel & chocolate coins (gelt).
- Russian/White Festival: Nesting dolls, book about "Snow Girl".
- Mexico/Las Pasadas: A Piñata filled with treats and a stick also maracas to use while singing "Feliz Navidad".
- Germany: Shoes filled with hay.
- African American/Kwanzaa: A straw mat and candle holder for seven Kwanzaa candles.

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