Turtle             Flowers in Vase      
      Ducks In The Rain             Butterfly Wind Wand      
      Cotton Swab Spider Web             Ladybugs      
      “Glow In The Dark” Fireflies             Big Button Spiders      
      Clothespin Caterpillar             Coffee Filter Butterflies      
      Paper Plate Feathered Chick             Pinecone Chick      
      Freddy The Frog             Paper Plate Frog      
      Egg Carton Alligator             Bugs in the Grass      
      Handprint Fish             Marble Painting Fish Scene      
      Handprint Lamb             Ellie the Elephant      
      Magical Metamorphosis             My Favorite Zoo Animal      
      Swat that Fly             Footprint Butterfly      
      King of the Jungle             Mom is Berry Special      
      Ollie the Oval Ostrich             Thyme For You, Mom      
      Grazing Cow             Meat Tray Lamb      
      Time for Tea